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Elliott Kayaks
Lightweight, stable, fast kayaks
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About Us

YaccabaSince 1969 we have been providing canoes and kayaks to families, recreational paddlers and racers right across Australia. 

Elliott Kayaks has specialised in design and construction of lightweight  kayaks for over 40 years. We have supplied our kayaks to World Title Representatives i.e. former World Long Distance record holder John Neilsen paddled an Elliott kayak. Elliott Kayaks have won many Australian titles in various races, but we love to supply every body that loves to have a go at kayaking.

Our kayaks have always been designed to the following criteria:

* Stable and fast, for the novice or people of more advanced skills
* Comfortable for long hours of paddling
* Run and glide effortlessly
* Lightweight
* Reinforced in all stress points

Elliott Kayaks offer quality at an affordable price. Touring and racing Elliott kayaks are world standard and made in Australia.
The Vindicator broke the Unrestricted K2 Class Record in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and then broke the record for the same class at the Murray Canoe Marathon.

Our Vulcan has won the open Double Long Recreational Touring class twice in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and holds the record for the Murray Canoe Marathon.

Craig Elliott designed all our fast kayaks. He has undertaken studies in Naval Architecture and works in a maritime consultancy. His efforts in bringing the prismatic coefficient of the Renegade to .62 resulted in 1st & 2nd place in the Long Recreational single kayak class in the Hawkesbury classic  and 1st place in the Murray Canoe Marathon.

Not everybody wants to win races, but it is nice to know that many of our customers have recorded personal best times in an Elliott Kayak. Elliott Kayaks have proven to be equal or superior to any kayak in the world. Modern hydrodynamic computer designs by Craig Elliott and final shaping by his father Ron Elliott have produced a range of fast stable kayaks with hull speeds far higher than the normal hull speed formula predicts.

building_kayaksOur touring kayak range features lightweight, fast, stable kayaks suitable for novice to advanced paddlers. All our kayaks are designed to offer effortless paddling. 
 Your kayak is individually hand made for you, with your choice of colour from the colour range and we will do our best to attend to the fit out that your require.
Construction is available in combination of Kevlar, Carbon Fibre and fibreglass, to suit your requirements and budget. 

Disclaimer: Canoeing and kayaking are assumed risk activities. Elliott Kayaks and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death however caused. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the sufficient knowledge, skills, equipment for the activity they have chosen to partake in. Ensure you are familiar with all the relevant safety practices and procedures for your equipment and for the location in which you are using it.

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